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Title: dissapointed5/23/2013 12:23:33 PM
We have come to this restaurant for many years, however last night 05/22/13 the food was not wonderful as usual, we ordered almond fried chicken - which was way over battered and the gravy was bland, sweet and sour pork which was over cooked and the sauce we got tasted like ketchup, the special chow mien was ok. and we got another chicken dish - not sure what it was. then to top it off, I ended up not feeling well after eating the food. Very disappointed as we have always come to this restaurant for our Chinese food. Not sure what happened this time! Not sure we want to chance it and go back.
Title: Thoroughly Disappointed5/1/2016 3:44:52 PM
Our most recent visit was a terrible experience. The two servers were inadequate and thoroughly overworked. As a result, they proved far less than helpful. Even something as simple as filling our water glasses proved too much to ask. When our food arrived after nearly 30 minutes, the six of us noted that the platters were NOT the same size that we were used to. They were SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than those we generally enjoyed. The proof came at the end of the meal when we noted there were NO leftovers - even though few of us present even came close to being full or even satisfied.What really killed the dinner, though, was the fact that we never received two missing entrees. We desperately tried to get our server's attention, but the teenager ignored us stubbornly.When our server finally returned to our table - nearly 20 minutes after our tiny entrees arrived - she came not to check on us but to give us our bill. I pointed out that two of our six entrees never made it to our table. No apology was issued - rather it was met with a quick scribble of pen ink over the missing items from our bill and a less-than-sincere, "I will remove them from your bill."We have been going to Great China for nearly ten years. This was enough to for us to collectively decide as a group that we were done frequenting this restaurant if this is what we had to further look forward to.Over the 10 years of giving them our business (where we spent a minimum of $100 a visit), we decided that we were not getting our money's worth. Note how old the comments on are on this website. They refer to the OLD Great China. Not what you can look forward to today - NOW!Great China have lost - in us - a long-term customer.
Title: 4/8/2012 5:55:00 PM
FYI...Great China was voted one of the top 100 Chinese restaurants in the U.S.Yay for them!!!
Title: 4/6/2012 12:09:00 PM
I have been living in Kirkland for a while now, and when i need to eat Authentic Chinese food that i feel like i am eating in Beijing or Shanghai i always eat at Great China. This great place has been voted the TOP 100 Best Chinese Restaurants in the United States and it definitely lives up to that! Amazing Rice. Noodles, Meats, Vegetables, and Best of all Sauces. HUGE PORTION worth the $ which is very reasonable, Amazing Ambiance and even better Service! Family run and not a franchise which means it is a Kirkland only Restaurant. I have eaten almost every dish from the huge variety of the menu, and trust me it is hard to eat only one dish all over again, you have to eat everything to get the Great China Feel. I Love this Place, and i will continue to go, it beats every other restaurant i visited!
Title: Best Chinese Food for Generation after Generation4/23/2012 10:26:43 AM
I have been coming here with my parents and grandparents since I was a kid and have been bringing my kids and grandkids now too!!! WE ALL LOVE THE FOOD!!!! You will not find a more Authentic High Quaality Meal and dining experience for your family!!!
Title: don't go for delivery they don't deliver4/16/2013 8:30:45 PM
poor service. rude person taking order.
Title: 3/8/2012 5:04:00 AM
This is the worst Chinese food I've ever had. I ordered the Mongolian Beef, Mushu Pork, and pot stickers. All of it was under cooked, and horribly oily. The mushu pork was about 2 inches deep in watery liquid, the pancakes were completely stale. I'll never order from here again. I didn't bother trying return the food, I just took it as a loss, and hopefully my $30.00 mistake will keep you from making the same one.
Title: 3/26/2013 4:50:00 AM
Really conflicted about this review. I was ready to give a scathing review after awkwardly waiting more than 10 minutes to be seated or even acknowledged... But it was all forgiven once we got the food. I ordered the general tsos chicken and orange beef with sides of shrimp fried rice. The meat and fried rice were cooked absolutely perfectly, and the flavors of the sauces melded amazingly. I wished I didn't have to stop eating. If the service was a little more attentive and friendly, I would definitely give this place five stars. Perhaps next time I'll just have to order out.
Title: 3/18/2013 4:29:00 PM
Drove from Bellevue to Kirkland to try this place as me and my husband are on a quest to get the best fried rice, (if anyone has suggestions let me know) service was not to quick, our food was not ready as they had told us it would be. Food over all was ok fried rice was not spectacular. In fact I can't even remember it so I know it was not the best. Not recommended.
Title: 2014-11-28T15:43:43.178-08:00
Worst food I have ever eaten. It was nauseating.
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